Below are just a very small sample of the Testimonials we have received.

"My son is currently attending Wayne Armstrong's boxing Gym in (Hitchin)... This gym is not just only about boxing skills, it includes a great deal more" kids are educated about nutrition, social skills, and getting a good night's sleep after training. The attendee's here have a good friendship between themselves and encourage each other whilst training, they genuinely have respect for their coaches.... Credit to Wayne & Tony for inspiring these kids the respectful and safe way into the world of boxing!"

Parent of a Box Cleva attendee

“Although funding was very difficult to source, Box Cleva went from strength to strength due to the commitment of Bob Williams and the ABA boxing trainers. The children who attend have reacted in such a positive way and they now have discipline, self esteem and respect for others. Their attendance rates at school have increased and having positive male role models who interact with the children has been invaluable. ASB in these areas have also decreased which benefit the local community. A fantastic community initiative!"

Trevor "Charlie" Brown

Station Commander Dacorum and St Albans

St. Albans Community Fire Station

Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service

It is wonderful to have such an excellent resource to bring to Team Around the Child Meetings, when a Common Assessment Framework document has been raised. The majority of these meetings are based around poor behaviour management, anger issues and family breakdowns. To have the opportunity to speak about Box Cleva with the positive male role models, disciplined, respectful and structured provision, along with healthy eating and drug awareness sessions is of great importance, and has been accepted by schools as a positive action to undertake.

Parents are aware they can feedback issues of their child's behaviour, both in and out of school, to Bob, who is then able to speak with knowledge and understanding to the children as they attend their Box Cleva session. Bob works with families and schools to promote a positive and disciplined approach to problem solving. Some of the children have no positive role models, let alone males, in their lives, and Bob along with all the trainers at Box Cleva are in the, sometimes, unique position of fulfilling this role.

Thank you Bob and all the trainers, your worth is recognised and appreciated by many children, parents, carers and schools.

Joy Nicholl

School Family Worker

Children's Services

Last year at a C.S.P. meeting at Hertsmere borough council I listened to a presentation given by a local fireman called Bob Williams on a club called Box Cleva, in which local children from various ages and backgrounds go and do boxing training.

He explained that no physical contact was involved just training and that this installed discipline into them as well as venting anger. I thought what a great idea not only does it do what says above, it also keeps many children, some of whom have been in trouble, off the streets and gives them exercise and a sense of enjoyment. Not to mention the money it saves various agencies including the Police, Social Services and Health Services etc...

I am sure it will go from strength to strength and I am proud to be a part of it.

Cllr Ernie Butler

Cowley Hill ward

Hertsmereborough Council

Elstreeand Borehamwood Town Council

Box Cleva was the brain child of Watch Commander Bob Williams the aim of the initiative was to engage with local youngsters so that they experience a healthy and disciplined lifestyle by undertaking weekly training sessions with experienced and qualified instructors.

The great part of the initiative was that it involved a multi agency response involving local partners, who were involved with funding, recommendations and on going commitment. This holistic approach ensured that a community approach to Box Cleva was endorsed by agencies in the local community.

Feed back from both parents and children involved, reflected positive role models depicting core values and discipline. With the children having structure in their lives for two nights a week which for some was the first time they had been involved in such a positive event.

Box Cleva benefits all aspects of the community, Bob Williams dedication and passion are instrumental to its success this initiative and ones like it can only help to reduce antisocial behaviour and endorse community values.

Peter Hatherley

Station Commander

Training &Development Centre




"I work for the Intensive Family Support Team and have been working with a young person aged 10 who is on the child protection register and currently awaiting a statement of special educational needs. He attends school but does not join in with other students for many lessons and is tutored in the school's support base on a one-to-one basis. The Box Cleva group has not only given him something to look forward to each week but is helping him to learn how to work and behave in a group setting. He enjoys the activities on offer and is learning to listen to and follow instructions from staff so that he can take part and hopefully he will be able to apply these skills when in September he starts his new school."

Richard Allen

Intensive Family Support Team

Children Services

Otley Family Centre